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About Us

The Renata women's clothing store was founded in 1986 in one of the most commercial areas of Attica, Nea Ionia. From the very first months of its operation, it managed to create a stable clientele, based on quality Greek clothes and impeccable service. Over the years, the very good reputation he gained, expanded the clientele even in areas outside the prefecture of Attica. As a result of this ever-increasing demand, we have partnered with several of the most dynamic companies in the field of women's clothing. Even during the economic crisis, we kept our quality choices unchanged, refusing to resort to products of dubious origin and quality, respecting our customers and the trust they have shown us all these years. Responding to the new challenges of the digital age and aiming to promote even more the wide variety of quality products we have, we decided to be active in the field of e-commerce, without depriving the physical presence of people in the store, which for us is the source of strength and rewarding our efforts. In this way we will be able to serve both the busiest and the most remote consumer, always with a relationship of trust and mutual respect. We believe that we will respond in the best way to this new call of ours in the field of fashion and we will cover all your wants with ours.